Virtual eyeglass shopping is easy! Just a few steps to have the perfect glasses:

1. Click on any brand to browse the eyeglasses. Take note of your favorite models.

2. Your eyewear consultant will also contact you with a few personalized suggestions based on your previous history, current fashion trends, your facial features, and your skin tone. Christina has always been able to select perfect frames for our patients before they come in for their appointment.

3. Once the frame is selected, we will recommend the best eyeglass lenses for your prescription and lifestyle needs (computer work, hobbies, posture, occupation, etc.)

4. Payment can be made via e-transfer, direct insurance billing, credit card, or PayPal.

5. After our quality control inspection, we will ship or provide curbside pickup.

6. Adjustments of your glasses can be done at your convenience.

7. Enjoy your new eyewear and send us a selfie in your glasses : )

Great news! We have extended our frame exchange policy to 30 days. Thank you for supporting our office and thank you for trusting your eyes with us.